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Preparing for the Colder Months

As Summer turns to Autumn, the weather gets a bit colder, a bit wetter… let’s be honest, a bit worse! With this risk on the cards of more rain and storms, what can you do [...]

Six of the Best: Displays and Planters

Over the past few years, we have seen some incredible ways to show off your flowers with DIY displays and planters of all shapes and sizes. Upcycling old materials, using scrap wood… you name it. [...]

What to do with your Bank Holiday Weekend

With the Bank Holiday coming up on the 30th March, you have got a long weekend to relax, do some pottering around the garden, just about anything you want to. We have a few suggestions [...]

The Price of Timber These Days

Timber prices in the UK are very sensitive to market conditions both in Europe and the rest of the world. We take a look at the latest factors [...]

How to Help your Garden Wildlife Survive Winter

Did you watch the beautiful summer green leaves slowly turn yellow, orange and red, only to now lie on the floor waiting to be collected? It’s that hibernation time of year where even nature is [...]

Win a brand new Challenger Garden Shed

To all dilapidated shed owners, Your garden deserves so much better, don’t let your beloved old shed, with it’s creaking door, warped & weakened structure and dilapidated, weather-beaten walls, that have seen much better days, [...]

5 Things that are not as tough as a Challenger Shed

1. Chuck Norris There are many overblown rumours about ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ star Chuck Norris, from the slightly plausible to the downright ludicrous. We say “Chuck, you’re not so tough!” Chuck Norris may be able [...]

Turn your Double sided fence panels into an Easter Garden Fence

Spending a little time researching garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture and definition to your outdoor space. For example you could try searching for garden fence ideas on Pinterest for page after page of great designs [...]

The Garden Shed – as strong as a tank!

With a host of improved features for [...]

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