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Trade Account Dashboard – Quick Guide

The Trade Account Dashboard allows you to manage your account with Challenge Fencing, quickly re-order regular products, see our latest stock levels & pay your outstanding balance if you have been approved for a credit [...]

Turn your Double sided fence panels into an Easter Garden Fence

Spending a little time researching garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture and definition to your outdoor space. For example you could try searching for garden fence ideas on Pinterest for page after page of great designs [...]

5 Project Planning Tips

Project Planning Tips [...]

How To Lay Garden Sleepers For A Planter

Based on the great feature that they can provide to any garden, you’d be forgiven for thinking that creating a truly stunning raised flowerbed using garden sleepers was extremely difficult. However, it is actually extremely [...]

We can provide a range of modern garden furniture

For more than 35 years, Sunbury Antiques Market has been providing a great range of antiques. From all over the UK, antique experts and more have made the journey to Kempton Park on the lookout [...]

Laying Garden Sleepers For A Planter

Making your garden into a truly unique and enjoyable place to spend your time shouldn’t be difficult. However, most of us are forced to deal with limited space, and doing anything other than keeping the [...]

4 Reasons To Use Railway Sleepers in Your Garden!

People are always on the lookout for new and unique ways to personalise their garden to create the natural environment of their dreams. If you’re thinking of adding something a little different to your outside [...]

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