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What Is Composite Garden Decking?

Challenge Fencing are pleased to offer Smartboard Composite Garden Decking, the future of eco-friendly decking. What makes composite garden decking so special? Alan Titchmarsh is believed to be the person responsible for bringing garden decking [...]

Why you should build a garden deck

If your garden is a theatre, your garden deck is the stage! There are a number of advantages of having a garden deck from the social bonus to the aesthetic benefits. Let’s have a look [...]

How To Build And Lay A Deck With Garden Decking Boards

If you’re looking to build a completely new deck or you’re simply replacing old decking with modern alternatives, it is important that you follow the best advice. Even if you are experienced in DIY, this [...]

Decking Tips For Beginners

There are a number of practical and aesthetic benefits for opting for timber decking over traditional hard terraces or patios. Whether you’re planning a complex project that will include multiple levels, or are constructing a [...]

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