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What Is Composite Garden Decking?

Challenge Fencing are pleased to offer Smartboard Composite Garden Decking, the future of eco-friendly decking.

What makes composite garden decking so special?

Alan Titchmarsh is believed to be the person responsible for bringing garden decking to the forefront of British summer time gardening. Ground Force debuted on BBC 2 in 1997 and needless to say, nothing was the same after.

He has since “apologised” for creating such a huge buzz… but we here at Challenge Fencing don’t think he has anything to apologise for.

Smartboard Composite Decking child about to run onAfter all, because of Mr Titchmarsh, we have sold a lot of timber to people looking to build their own decks. It is and always has been a wonderful addition to any garden. That’s why we are pleased to announce the sale of Smartboard panels; a durable, good looking and eco-friendly composite that is the perfect alternative to traditional timber.

Why is this better than timber?

Composite Decking, Smartboard close up

Decks are wonderful, they really are… but they can be hard work sometimes.

Maintaining a healthy-looking and usable deck requires very regular upkeep, checks, cleaning, the list goes on. It’s a lot of work on something that should be relaxing.

Smartboard decking helps to get rid of all of those nagging jobs by simply being good to go all year round. Easy to clean, less likely to rot, less likely to splinter, more durable and, above everything else, good for the planet.

How is it good for the planet?

SmartBoard is the future of composite garden decking. The boards are made from residues of engineered oak flooring combined with recycled hard plastic such as shampoo bottles, meaning it is a wonderfully eco-friendly alternative to timber.

It combines all of the benefits of wood plastic composite technology while being designed to look exactly like the wood you would use to build your deck. Save the planet, build a deck!

Composite Decking fixed with Smartboard Screws

Should I consider buying some for my garden decking?

Well… yes. This is the kind of revolutionary material that will become the go-to choice for deck-builders in the coming years.

If you are conscious of the footprint you leave on the planet, opting for Smartboard composite decking will help your efforts to reduce the damage by a considerable way. Smartboard is a reversible decking with an appealing, tactile brushed matte finish creating a more natural surface than most composite alternatives.

Smartboard matt finishWhat’s more… it just looks fantastic. Colour-coded and specially designed screws* create an almost completely invisible finish that really ties the whole deck together.

Smartboard decking is available in 3 colours (grey, brown or slate) at Smartboard Composite Decking

Take a look at our Smartboard installation video on YouTube

We also stock Concrete Decking Posts which are an excellent way to build a deck over uneven ground. Add Smartframe C24 decking frame & you have the ultimate garden deck.

*warranty only applies if Smartboard screws are used.

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