£100 Challenge – Golden Leaf Giveaway

For just a few weeks, the green leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs change colour to many shades of russet, red and golden. To celebrate this last burst of colour our Golden Leaf Giveaway is a great chance to reward our fantastic customers by giving them the chance to win some great vouchers just in time for Christmas. The rules are simple: spend £100 or more online or at your local Challenge Branch and get entered into our prize draw where you could win a Love2Shop voucher worth up to £200 in time for Christmas!

Effective landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank so if you want to get involved but don’t know where to start, we can help you. Here are 5 things to pick up from Challenge Fencing that will get you entered into our Golden Leaf Giveaway.

1. Overlap Fence Panels

At £23.75 each (including VAT), the fence panels at Challenge Fencing are available in a variety of colours and, like all our timber products, are pressure treated to last for years to come. Replace a whole side of your garden by picking up 5 panels for £118.75 and take comfort in the fact that your fence will stand tall and avoid decay and water damage PLUS you could win some Love2Shop vouchers!

2. Rose Garden Arch

If your garden is lacking a bit of pizazz, look no further than the Rose Garden Arch. This will instantly become the centrepiece of your garden, perfect to section off areas or to add a greater visual to a path. 8 and a half feet of quality Softwood, adding character to your garden and giving your plants the chance to show off, you do not want to miss out.

3. Planter selection

Create a fairytale-inspired garden with the wishing well planter! For just £60 including VAT, the wishing well is one of the best products that Challenge has to offer. Couple this with one of our more traditional planters and you can very quickly add some more personality to your garden and be on your way to winning those vouchers!

Like something from a fairy tale!

4. Railway Sleepers

One of the most versatile products that Challenge Fencing have in store, a selection of railway sleepers could be exactly what your garden has been missing. Railway Sleepers are a useful and stylish product to include in any kind of garden design. We have actually written a blog all about some of the best Railway Sleeper uses we have seen and are always astounded whenever we see another great use of them. Prices from £25.91 (including VAT), we cannot recommend these enough.

5. Garden Chair

Imagine this for a moment: it’s a warm afternoon in the summer; not too warm, it’s just right. A glass of lemonade in hand, a good book in the other and you’re out in the garden enjoying it all sat in a finely crafted garden chair made from pressure treated Softwood from sustainably managed forests. That’s the dream isn’t it? Challenge Fencing have a great range of garden furniture worth checking out but picking up the Dean Garden Chair for £108 including VAT will enter you into the Golden Leaf giveaway with no problems.

Maybe what you’re after isn’t on this list. In which case, take a look around our website and see what takes your fancy. We are sure you will find something that can take your garden to the next level and impress and with Christmas round the corner, those vouchers could come at the perfect time!

Posted on November 12th, 2019 Posted In: Advice, Fencing, Landscaping

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