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Preparing for the Colder Months

As summer fades to autumn, the weather gets a bit colder, a bit wetter… let’s be honest, a bit worse.

After an incredibly dry few months, the history books are pointing to what could be a very wet September and October. With this risk on the cards, what can you do to prepare for autumn?

Keep Your Tools Fighting Fit

It’s not easy keeping your shed in tip-top shape, let alone all of the tools it might house.

Spade Digging Mud

Luckily for you, it’s really easy to solve. Rust that forms after water damage can cause long-term problems if not looked at properly so a quick wipe-over with an oily cloth will help to combat this.

Avoid keeping certain liquids in your shed

Certain paints and sprays can freeze throughout the winter, often permanently changing their consistency.

Roller painting with blue paint

If your shed is properly insulated,  it is best to keep these liquids in your home.

Store your electrical items above floor level

Should your shed ever suffer water damage, any electrical items that were left on the floor may be permanently damaged. One of the best solutions to this is as simple as keeping your tools in air tight boxes above floor level.

Organised Shed Shelving

This will help protect them for years to come.

Regular checks and inventory

Spring cleaning in autumn? Why not?

You can maximise your shed space by having a clear out. Take an inventory of all of your tools and throw out anything you don’t use. Be ruthless – do you really need five different rakes?


This can go some way to making sure your shed is at top quality and functional all year round, not just in those tricky colder months.

Short of that, Challenge Fencing has a spectacular range of sheds available to buy so you can always treat yourself!

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