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Six of the Best: Displays and Planters

Over the past few years, we have seen some incredible ways to show off your flowers with DIY displays and planters of all shapes and sizes. Upcycling old materials, using scrap wood… you name it. There have been some absolutely genius uses of thought-to-be-useless items:

Recycled baskets turned planters

There has also been this…

Jeans used as plant container

Right now we want to take you through six of the best planters and displays that we have come across in our extensive research:

1. The Minimalist Flower Wall Hang

Wall Hung Flowers

Source: SugarAndCloth

Starting off, this is one of the simplest yet most wonderful ways to add a bit of colour to your home. Pick your favourite flowers and display them with a beautiful, minimalist “vase”. We love how eye-catching it is, despite how little there is. Call it reductionism, minimalism, modernism, whatever you want, it’s one of our favourites!

2. The Hanging Vineyard

Hanging VineyardSource: InHabitat

Everything about this makes us feel like we’re on holiday in Italy. Although a little bit more work than the Wall Hang, the end product is still absolutely wonderful! Repurposing empty wine bottles into hanging herb gardens not only saves space but will give your garden a beautiful, rustic feel. Perfect decorations on a summers evening.

3. The Chair Planter

Old chair recycled to be a planter

Source: Garden Therapy

You would think that a chair without a seat is good for very little. Well, we’ve got some news for you! If you have a garden chair that you are on the verge of throwing out, we urge you to try out the chair planter. Put your most prized succulents on a throne… where else would they deserve to be put?

4. Colander Planter

Colander Planter

Source: Country Living

A very similar project to the hanging wine bottles, this is a great way to repurpose your old kitchen utensils. The colander offers a number of benefits, not only because of them being so easy to personalise but also because they offer great drainage by their very nature! Above all else, the handles on the side will make a colander the perfect hanging planter for your garden.

5. Vertical Pallet Planter

Planters made from anything

Source: Upcycle That

A heavy duty, no-nonsense planter. A great way to hold a lot but take up minimal space is to build up. The website we found this planter on has a very helpful guide on how to build it, getting the dimensions right etc. But if you’re thinking ‘I don’t have any pallets so how can I do this?’ don’t worry. You can pick up pallets for free from any of our branches! Just give us a call and ask a team member to give you a hand.

6. All of ours

Wooden Plant Containers

We don’t want to sound biased when we say this but we have some of the best planters on the market. Not quite as “DIY” as the others, they aren’t upcycles but Challenge Fencing produce planters that look spectacular and are built to last.

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