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Taking Your Garden to the Next Level

Whether it’s the perfect watch or the right bag, an accessory can make or break an outfit.

The same also applies to gardens. Too much and it becomes busy and difficult. Too little and it becomes boring and plain. But with the right amount of adjustments and additions, you can add a whole lot of character to your garden. Here are some of the best garden accoutrements available for you at Challenge Fencing:

Garden Railway Sleepers

Easily one of the most versatile items we offer. We have seen these used as steps for people who wanted to add levels to their garden, we’ve seen them make up flower beds and we’ve even seen them be used to make a swing.

We wrote about some of the best uses that our customers had found for their railway sleepers, not too long ago. Check it out here!

Railway Sleeper Hamac

Buy your railway sleepers here!

Garden Trellis Panels

It’s not just good looking, it’s also really helpful for your wildlife. Give climbing plants the support they need with our great selection of panels.

Not just for the plants, though. A trellis panel can act as a divider between separate outdoor spaces, meaning you’ll have your space to grow your vegetables and your children have another place to play.

Trellis Panels close up

Buy your trellis panels here!

Arbours and Arches

The perfect addition for spring and summertime but still wonderful all year round! Both offer similar things to trellis panels but they work in very different ways. While the trellis panels, arbours and arches all offer support for wall-climbing plants, arbours and arches provide more of a focal point for your garden.

An arbour gives you a great place to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. An arch, though, can be the addition that really completes your garden. Both work well, but which is best for you?

Arbours and Arches Display

Garden Furniture

If you think of yourself as something of a Gatsby, parties are probably going to be one of your biggest interests. As such, it’s important to offer your guests a place to sit.

Challenge Fencing has a very wide range of furniture for you; picnic tables, rocking chairs, garden benches and much more! Long-lasting and versatile, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your needs and wants!

Garden table and benches

Your garden is your garden so you can put whatever you want in it. But we’re confident that we’ve given you some good guidance and advice for you to take your garden to new heights and create a space that you and everyone that visits it will thoroughly enjoy.

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