5 More Things That Are Not As Tough As a Challenger Shed

5 More things that are not as tough as a Challenger Shed

Some things in life are tough. Difficult to understand, hard to get right, difficult to break down, it’s not easy. But when it comes to Challenger Sheds, there is no competition. Nothing is tougher than them. We’ve got 5 ‘tough’ things that pale in comparison to the Challenger.

1. Understanding BitCoin

Is it up, is it down? Do you buy now, sell later? Trading ‘cryptocurrencies’ is the hottest trend right now but getting started is confusing and scary. All of these numbers and complexities, it’s too tough.

You know what is tougher though? A shed made of premium quality Scandinavian Redwood that is 100% pressure treated to protect it against wood decay and insect attack for up to 25 years.


2. Figure Skating

If you’ve ever been to your local rink, it’s hard enough just standing upright without the complete lack of friction throwing your body all over the shop like a ragdoll! But compared to a Challenger Shed, executing a perfect Salchow and double Lutz is a walk in the park!
figure skating silhouette

3. Bowling a perfect 300

If you ignore the ridiculous shoes, bowling is fantastic. But bowling well? That’s a different story. We’d be lying if we said we don’t still need the barriers and that slide thing to get the ball going down the lane.

However, we have had a good, long look at the Challenger Shed.  We reckon we have more of a chance of bowling a perfect game than we do of the Challenger Shed losing a fight against nature.

activity, alley, ball

300? It’s been done.

4. Evenly slicing cheese

You’re making a sandwich, it’s going brilliantly and then you think about adding some cheese to it, assuming that you can cut a perfect slice of Emmental off no problem. What happens next? You end up with differently sized slices because knives don’t do what they’re supposed to.

A Challenger Shed, however, is supposed to improve the appearance of a garden while acting as a shelter for garden tools and other items you have. And what does it do? Exactly that.

Cheese and knife on a cheese board


5. Reading Ulysses by James Joyce

Allegedly one of the most difficult books to read that was ever published, Ulysses uses a number of different styles, voices, languages… You need a working knowledge of Latin, Greek, Shakespeare, Catholic theology, all manner of subjects!

James Joyce Book Edge

We read a few pages and it was tough but not “Challenger Shed tough.”


The Challenger Shed is among the finest quality garden buildings on the market. Made with Scandinavian Redwood, and treated to last for years to come, you can find yours here.

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