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What to do with your Bank Holiday Weekend

With the Bank Holiday coming up on the 30th March, you have got a long weekend to relax, do some pottering around the garden, just about anything you want to. We have a few suggestions on how best to spend the time:

Organise your shed

If your shed is a mess, this is your chance to make a difference! You don’t have to keep putting off sorting it out – you have the long weekend to have a clear out, tidy up, do some real spring cleaning. If you are wondering how best to tackle it, you might want to look at our organisational tips.

Organised shed

If your shed has seen better days and you think it is beyond help, don’t worry! In April, Challenge Fencing may be running a promo for our Challenger sheds… so keep your eyes peeled.

Create a garden gnome story

If you’ve got garden gnomes or other ornaments, this is a great outdoor activity for you and your children.

Take pictures of your figures in different situations and begin crafting your story. Sherlock Gnomes comes out in UK cinemas in May so be sure to watch it and see how much better your own short story is!

three Gnomes

Sadly you’ll just miss the awards season but hopefully come next year you will get the Oscar nod!

Fix your fence

Did your fence take a big hit during the treacherous weather a few weeks ago? Take the time to repair the damage using our concrete repair spurs. You can add years to your fence’s life with one of these. Have a read of our blog if you want to know how to use them!
Concrete Repair Spur for garden fence post
Or maybe your fence survived the weather but just needs a bit of TLC. Give it a makeover with something from our excellent range of woodcare products.

Trip to Virginia Water

A personal favourite, the Savill Gardens at Virginia Water and Windsor Great Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the weekend.

The Savill Gardens at Virginia Water and Windsor Great Park

As Spring slowly comes out to play, see the flowers begin to bloom, have tea in the café, visit the Totem Pole, it is a wonderful day out and we can’t recommend it enough.


Come to Challenge Fencing

We are open to 4:00pm on Good Friday and Easter Saturday so you are more than welcome to come down and have a look at all of the great timber garden products we have to offer.

Garden table and benches

Do you want to get a head start on your busy summer of garden parties? Come on down and get your hands on some of our excellent garden furniture.

Eat a lot of chocolate

Well… it is Easter.Pieces of Chocolate

Easter bank holiday is a great time for relaxing so whatever you do, make sure you have a lovely and enjoyable time doing it. Whether it’s spending time in your garden, planting some flowers or just enjoying the time away from work, destressing should be your number one priority.

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