6 Organisation Tips to Maximise Your Shed Space

6 Organisation Tips to Maximise Your Shed Space

A tidy and well-organised shed space is without a doubt the ultimate symbol of garden pride. With that in mind, we’ve got our resident shed heads together to come up with 6 easy tips to help you to maximise your shed space and keep your shed tidy all year round.

1. Keep tabs on your kit

Set aside an afternoon, make yourself a cuppa, take an inventory of every item you have in your shed and make a note of where you keep it. Knowing where it is will save you a lot of time in the future.

making list checklist ticks tick box space


2. Maximising Shed space by minimising

Whilst taking your inventory with pinpoint accuracy, think about what you use regularly (and more importantly, what you don’t). Get rid of old or surplus tools and maximise that space.

old shed mess untidy space


3. Airtight boxes

During the winter, wet weather can harm your tools. The best way to protect them from damage is to keep them away from walls and in durable boxes. Airtight boxes will prevent rust build-up.

Tools in a workshop in a mess space maximise


4. Magnets

Most shed-based tools have some form of metal on them. Use this to your advantage by having magnetic strips across your shed walls, holding your kit in place. Having your paintbrushes, hammers, saws or trowels all within easy reach and ready to go at any moment will not only save you time but a lot of space.

old tools, hanging on rack magnet space maximise

5. Adjustable shelving

“The shelf in the room has been so true” according to the 1997 hit from ‘Days of the New’. If you fancy making your shelving solution even more effective, try out adjustable shelving. These handy shelves mean you can customise your layout from day to day.

Household tools in the shed for home and garden space maximise

6. Use your fourth wall

Most shed doors have enough surface area to be used as an entire wall. You can attach hooks or shelving to the door to hold anything you would not normally have the space for.

Old and rusty tools on rack in rustic tool shed wall. Space maximise

Storage space can be found in the most unusual places. We hope our advice helps you on your way to storage serendipity.

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