5 Trendy Uses of Railway Sleepers in the Garden for 2018

5 Trendy Uses of Railway Sleepers in the Garden

Did you know that railway sleepers have been in use since the 1550’s? Initially used for making easier and faster routes for wagons in Germany, they are now popularly used as (really cool) garden features. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use railway sleepers in your garden, you’ve come to the right blog because we’ve got a few ideas…

1. A Garden Swing

We’re not sure about you, but swings were the best part of a playground when we were younger (and they still are!). What could be better than having this beautiful giant swing in your garden, gentling rocking you in the breeze while you sit relaxed with a book and a glass of wine!


This looks quite technical, but the basic structure is made of upright railway sleepers (which you can get from any one of our branches) add some rope, a curved seat and you’re done!

For a more kid-friendly swing, try your hand at this traditional swing to become the parent of the century 😉


Source: Pinterest

TOP TIP: Always choose to work with railway sleepers, new untreated or tanalised sleepers when using them for DIY projects – Do NOT use creosoted old reclaimed sleepers!!

2. Floating seats

Bored of regular seating? So are we. Create a contemporary look for your garden with a floating bench. These are definitely the next new popular garden trend.

Create a simple, stylish and timeless look in your garden with a strong and sturdy floating sleeper. This will no doubt be a talking point at any of your future garden parties!


Source: Pinterest

3. Vegetable plot

Want to start growing some seasonal vegetables? What you need is a raised vegetable plot! Not only will it be much better for your knees and back, but your plants will flourish with the extra space for their roots and also from the better drainage. If you have a snail and slug problem, this will make it more difficult for them to slime all over your precious veg!


Source: Pinterest

4. Steps

We’re a massive fan of not only a staggered garden, but also of these beautiful sleeper steps! Creating dimensions in your garden will help to make it look larger, it can also help to split your garden up, e.g. If you wanted one part of your garden for your plants and another for hosting.

Have you got sleeper steps in your garden? Please share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.


Source: Pinterest

5. Pond

Always fancied a pond in your garden? Water features add a whole other dimension to a garden, plus you can finally get your hands on some aquatic plants! Not only will it create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, but you’ll soon see new wildlife and insects frequenting your garden!


Source: Pinterest

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See challengefencing.com to find out more about our railway sleepers – or pop into your local branch and ask our experts any questions.

Have you already made use of your railway sleepers in your garden?

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