5 Things that are not as tough as a Challenger Shed

5 Things that are not as tough as a Challenger Shed

1. Chuck Norris

There are many overblown rumours about ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ star Chuck Norris, from the slightly plausible to the downright ludicrous. We say “Chuck, you’re not so tough!” Chuck Norris may be able to make a snowman out of water, but does Chuck Norris have a heavy duty, mineral felt waterproof roof with 7 years’ life expectancy like a Challenger shed? We think not.


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2. Climbing Mount Everest

OK, so you’ve climbed 29,000 feet of mountain through a snow-ridden blizzard, pretty impressive. Want to know something even more impressive? When you get to the top you might just find a Challenger shed, standing strong against the elements. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find Chuck Norris inside it, sheltering from the cold.

Every Challenger shed comes flat packed with full self-assembly instructions and a comprehensive fitting kit (you won’t even need to dress for the cold)

Mount Everest Walker

Everest? Easy

3. Selling a used mattress

They say that people spend up to 25 years of their lives sleeping. A quarter of a century’s use can take its toll on ‘old bouncy’. It’s served you well, but the time has finally come to pass your mattress on to the next life. Unfortunately, selling a used mattress complete with broken springs can be harder than killing two stones with one bird (something else Chuck Norris is rumoured to be capable of). Thankfully, the high quality 15mm Scandinavian redwood on the Challenger shed is 100% pressure treated for up to 25 years’ protection and beyond (so you can spend more time in the shed, and less time in bed).


It served you well, but its time to move on.

4. Making Baked Alaska

Ah – Baked Alaska! Everyone’s favourite meringue topped ice cream cake is a notoriously tricky dessert to master. Oftentimes beginners can find their Baked Alaska representing the wake of a snowplough carefully slopped into a bowl. Alas. Thankfully, building your Challenger shed is much more straightforward, and our expert team @Chall_Fencing or in your local branch is always on call to give you a helping hand. Unfortunately, they can’t help with dessert.


Baked Alaska? No problem.

5. The Terminator

Another famous tough guy, the Terminator spends a lot of his time beating up Cyborgs, saving the future and “Getting to the Chopper”. That’s all very impressive, but does the Terminator have a 25mm tongue and groove floor and roof for extra strength? We don’t think so. We’re even more certain he doesn’t have galvanised fittings to prevent rusting. Don’t worry, Arnie. We’re always on hand to give advice.

Our high quality Challenger shed range is manufactured from Scandinavian Redwood, and is 100% pressure treated to protect it against wood decay and insect attack for up to 25 years.


The Terminator? Not so tough.

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