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Turn your Double sided fence panels into an Easter Garden Fence

Easter Garden fence panels with wave design and intergrated trellis

Spending a little time researching garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture and definition to your outdoor space. For example you could try searching for garden fence ideas on Pinterest for page after page of great designs liked by other garden enthusiasts.

After a long winter, and with the Easter weekend just around the corner, it’s lovely to be able to get out into the garden again. There is usually a long list of jobs to get the best from your outdoor space, so a little work now will have your garden looking great for Easter and beyond. Spend an hour or so planning what is required, whether it’s replacing or maintaining a garden fence, weeding and mowing, or redesigning some key features to give your garden a whole new look for the Spring/Summer.

Easter Garden Fence Ideas

The garden fence is one element of a garden’s design that’s often overlooked, it’s seen as too practical, hard or heavy to fix. Whilst a run of fence panels main function might be to separate one garden from another, there is a wide choice of panel designs that can really affect the look of your garden.

From the old standard of Featheredge Panels to more modern, continental style panels such as this wave design with integrated trellis.

Garden fence panels, when used imaginatively, can feature eye catching decorations, helpful storage pieces or fun signs. Or why not make your fence stand out with multicoloured stains or paints.

Of course you need to establish the basics such as;

  • good quality posts, whether they are treated to standards for in ground use (look for HC4 treatment) or concrete posts that are dry cast for additional strength
  • pressure treated panels (look for Tanalith E) for extra lifespan which are built from thicker timber with extra framing
  • smooth planned timber for that high quality look and feel
  • Stainless steel fixing for strength and to prevent rust staining
  • Good, strong concrete mix for secure post installation

A good tip is to visit your local DIY store & lift up one of their panels. Then pop down to a dedicated fencing merchant & pick up the same size panel in their yard. You will be surprised just how heavy and sturdy the professional yard panel is. This is a great sign that the fence panel will not warp or break easily and will give you years of service.

Whilst you are at the fencing merchant why not ask them to plan out your fence for you? The best will be delighted to help work out how many fence panels, posts, gravel boards etc you will need. Often they are ex installers themselves so you can rely on their experience. Just try asking the Saturday staff at your local DIY store the same question 🙂

For more information on our range of garden fencing products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local branch of Challenge Fencing today! We hold a huge stock at each of our five branches, so can usually deliver the next or sometimes even the same day.

You could have a brand new looking garden in time for the Easter weekend BBQ’s with our Easter fence panel ideas!

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