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How Can You Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly?

Hedgehog and Snail in a Garden

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There are numerous ways you can make changes to garden and fence panels to attract local British wildlife. If you want to attract local wildlife, here are 4 tips to give you a helping hand.

Attracting Local Wildlife Into Your Garden

  1. Don’t Throw Out Bread
    Some people throw out bread for the local British wildlife, but sometimes this can do more harm than good. If you want to provide food for local wildlife, make sure that you choose food that is suitable for the animals that you would like to attract.
  2. Create A Hedgehog Friendly Garden
    You can create a hedgehog friendly garden by making sure that your fence panels have a 5 inch x 5 inch (13cm x 13cm) gap at the bottom of your fence.
    You can also make your garden more hedgehog friendly by creating a tepee-shaped pile of logs to attract local hedgehogs. Additionally, if you are planning a bonfire, make sure you check for hedgehogs before your light the fire.
    Also, when choosing food to place outside for hedgehogs, remember that they are lactose intolerant!
  3. Attract Bees To Your Garden!
    There are various different types of bees in the United Kingdom. According to org here are around 150 species of bees in the UK, 24 of which are bumblebees, 225 are solitary bees and just a single species is a honeybee.What’s The Difference Between A Bumblebee And A Honeybee?
    Bumblebees look very different to honeybees. Bumblebees are usually larger and covered with hair making them look fat and furry, whereas honeybees look similar to a wasp. Additionally honeybee queens can live for three to four years; whereas bumblebee queens only live for a single year (the other bumblebees live for just a few months).
    Another key difference is that most honeybees are looked after by beekeepers, whereas bumblebees live in the wild; in gardens and in the countryside.
    If you want to attract bumblebees to your garden, here is a tip that you may not have thought about.
    Bees need to drink and collect water. Leaving out water can be a great way to help out your local bees, but don’t leave out a big bowl of water; the bees could drown! Instead the Telegraph suggests that you fill a bowl with pebbles and water, providing the bees with a surface to drink from.
  4. What About Local Birds?
    There are some simple garden improvements that can do to make your garden friendlier to birds. Firstly you can put up nesting boxes, but you can also use bird tables, bird baths and bird feeders.
    You could also use plants to attract local birds; for example, growing hedges or planting trees.

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