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Top Tips For Small Garden Fencing

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Adding fencing to your garden can make a huge difference to how it looks and behaves, especially if you opt for decorative fence panels that will add colour and style to any outdoor space! Whether you’re planning to update your small front garden so that it can be admired by passersby, or you’re looking for ways to enhance your small back yard, have a read of these fencing tips for small gardens!

How To Use Fence Panels In Your Small Garden

Coming up with ideas to make your garden that little bit more perfect isn’t always that easy, and in fact, small gardens are often more complex to design as you really have to think about every inch of space available; make a mistake and you could limit what space you have even further!  Good garden design makes a garden pretty, but phenomenal garden design not only adds beauty, but also increases usability!

  1. Make a plan – As with any garden (no matter its size), it’s important you plan where you’re going to put your fence before you install it. Try to visualise where you’ll walk, or where you’d like to put a feature; that way, you’re less likely to end up with a wrongly positioned fence! Use measuring tape and chalk to be more precise.
  1. Choosing the right fencing – Unsure what design will best compliment your small garden? Depending on what look you’re trying to achieve, there are different designs of fence to help you to achieve it. While traditional palisade fences are great for letting in the most sunlight and giving the impression of a greater garden by not shutting off the outside world completely, full fence panels with a decorative design can also enhance a small garden.

Vertical Gardening: Small Garden Fencing Ideas

There’s a great community of small garden owners who are determined to prove that their small gardens won’t stop them from creating an idyllic plot of land! Vertical gardening is a craze that has got people around the world using their decorative fence panels as backdrops for vertical vegetable patches, herb growing and more. This is a brilliant way to add charm to your tiny garden and still have room for a garden chair to relax!

Top tip: Why not use wall trellis panels to not only extend the height of your garden, but also encourage and support plant growth?

Choose a variety of complimenting plants and flowers to trick the eye into thinking your garden is larger than it actually is; light and bright colours are best for this, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit too. A range of colours will make the whole space feel a lot more positive and welcoming!

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We have a fantastic range of decorative fence panels here at Challenge Fencing, from gorgeous palisade styles to continental styles and more! Why not take a look at our huge selection and transform your small garden into a beautiful sanctuary where you can unwind. If you would like further information about our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and expert team. Call your local branch or why not pop in to speak with one of our customer advisors?

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