Creating Privacy In Your Garden, With Trellis Panels

Creating Garden Privacy With Trellis Panels

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One of the most important aspects of the modern garden is the amount of garden privacy it allows us. Even the most stunning and relaxing garden design can be an unpleasant space if your neighbours are free to stick their heads over the fence to see what you are doing. Similarly, if you don’t create a sense of garden privacy with your garden design, it may be all too easy to see and hear what your neighbours are doing.

Today, rubbing elbows with your neighbours is an inevitable part of life, especially if you spend a lot of time in your garden. Building any kind of private outdoor space is extremely important and it is becoming more and more luxurious all the time. Although they might not be ideal when it comes to your main exterior fence, trellis panels are starting to play an active role in creating private spaces in your garden.

How Can Outdoor Walls Protect Your Privacy In The Garden?

Outdoor walls are always a great way to create private areas in your garden. However, using full fence panels can take away much of the joy as you block the breeze, the sun and the view from sight. That is just one of the places where trellis panels become essential. Thanks to the spaces in their design, they allow the sunlight and the breeze to easily pass through.

However, they can be a great option when it comes to obscuring you from nosy neighbours and can even be useful at preventing their sound from irritating you too much. Trellis panels can be particularly effective when placed on any patio, balcony or walkways that you have, as they can provide a comfortable and private area to relax without spoiling the great benefits you’ve come to enjoy.

What Other Options Are Available For Creating Garden Privacy?

One of the most popular options in garden design today is the use of living walls to protect your privacy. These living plant walls are essentially trellis panels which are covered in living flowers and climbing plants to create a stunning and natural aesthetic. These can provide high levels of privacy as well as being stunning to look at. In most circumstances, you won’t even care that living walls have a tendency to block the breeze and sunlight from your area. For the best results, it might be worth including a living wall in your trellis panel area as a feature piece, but not as the main wall.

Aside from living walls, a popular choice continues to be simple screens. These wooden frames will have a material stretched across them to allow sunlight to pass through, but are at risk of becoming damaged by adverse weather conditions.

Get In Touch With Challenge Fencing Today, For High-Quality Trellis Panels

Here at Challenge Fencing, we are able to provide a full range of trellis panels to ensure that you can create the private outdoor space of your dreams. Along with these panels, we can also provide full fencing solutions, landscaping features and much more. For more information or advice on creating your own perfect garden design, get in touch with our professional team today at your local Challenge Fencing branch.

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