How To Make Your Fence Panels Hedgehog Friendly

How To Make Your Fence Panels Hedgehog Friendly

Fence Panels Hedgehog Friendly

Hedgehogs are in decline in our neighbourhoods, not just in urban areas, but in rural ones too! Make your Fence Panels Hedgehog Friendly. Some communities are taking matters into their own hands like this hedgehog friendly village in Yorkshire.

The findings come after only 29% of British people who took part in a survey ran by BBC Gardeners’ World magazine reported that they hadn’t seen the much-loved hedgehog in their garden in the past year. The good news is that, according to the Guardian, 7 out of 10 people would be happy to make changes to their fence panels in the garden to enable the shy, humble mammal to roam free. Make your garden into the perfect hedgehog habitat and have a read of these tips!

What Can I Do? Make Fence Panels Hedgehog Friendly

While fence panels can help to make our gardens more attractive and secure, unfortunately, they can also create a barrier that can stop a hedgehog in its tracks, giving them no access to your garden. These lovable creatures need to be able to wander easily in and out of gardens in order to survive; with new roads and developments constantly putting pressure on the species, if we cut off our gardens too, they’ll have even fewer places to go.

In a bid to tackle the growing problem, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species have joined forces on a project entitled ‘Hedgehog Street’. They’re asking homeowners throughout the United Kingdom to ensure their fence panels have 5 inch x 5 inch gaps (or 13cm x 13cm gaps) at the bottom of boundary fences and walls to enable any hedgehog who might be struggling to move easily through the landscape.

In addition, encourage your neighbours to do the same. Hedgehogs need to have the freedom to move around 4 or 5 gardens in order to have the best chance of survival, so unless you have a huge back garden, it may not be enough; don’t be deterred if they aren’t very supportive – whatever you can do to help will give hedgehogs a running chance! Of course, the addition of a hedgerow (which actually helped to give the mammal its name) will also make your garden more hedgehog friendly.

These small, spiky mammals love to have a quiet spot to hide, snooze and hibernate, so consider piling dead leaves and vegetation in one corner of your garden so they can feel at home in your back yard. A compost heap is also a hog-favourite, so be careful if you go to turn your heap over with a pitchfork to check there’s no long-nosed, prickly creature inside.

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