Include A Custom Gate In Your Garden Design to add real character

Include A Custom Gate In Your Garden Design

Custom Field Gate

All you need is a custom gate. An elegantly designed unique gateway is a great addition to any home. Whether you’re using the gate as a rear entrance to your back garden or as the entryway to your front garden, a gate that was made for your property, from scratch, could be the perfect addition to your home. What’s more, it is guaranteed to win over your neighbours thanks to the high-quality materials and manufacturing process.

A flimsy, poorly-built and poorly-fitted gate could really harm the entire look of your home and undo a lot of the effort you’ve put in elsewhere. However, if you choose to take advantage of one of our extremely detailed custom gate, you’ll be able to fully complement your home’s design.

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Gate For Your Home?

As custom gates are made specifically for your entryway or fence, they can provide a great deal more advantages than one you’ve chosen from your local store which just happens to be the right size. The benefits of choosing a custom gate can include:

  • A Unique Appearance – When you design your own gates, you can take your surroundings into complete account. That means you can design the perfect gateway for your fencing as well as your entire home. Whether you want a clean, modern design to go with a modern property, or a rustic alternative to suit a traditional home, you can bring your designs to life with custom gate.
  • A Perfect Fit – If your fencing has left you with a small or awkward gate size, it can be nearly impossible to find the perfect option. Whether your space is too slim, too wide, too tall or too low, with a bespoke gate you can make sure that it is designed to meet your specifications.
  • The Right Materials – Thanks to this unique service, you can choose the ideal material for your gateway. This means that you have a much wider variety to choose from than standardised gateways. If you really want your gateway to offer high levels of resistance to the effects of the weather, then you might be better off choosing a metallic fence rather than a wooden one.

Choose Challenge Fencing For Reliable Custom Gates Design And Manufacture

Whether you want to create an entirely practical gateway for your awkwardly-sized entry, or you’re looking for a unique way to add a little extra character to your property, then a custom gate from Challenge Fencing could be the perfect feature for you.

As well as providing a custom gate, we are able to provide a complete range of fencing, decking and landscaping supplies to ensure that you can renovate or reinvigorate any part of your exterior property. Thanks to our team’s dedication to high-quality products, you can be certain that anything you order from Challenge will offer you many years of reliable service, especially if you follow the best maintenance practices.

To order your custom gate, get in touch with our team online by using our online contact form. Alternatively, you could pay a visit to any one of our local Challenge Fencing branches throughout the south of England, including our outlets in Surrey and Kent.

Field Gate on a Gravel Drive

Field Gate

Garden Picket Gate Half Open

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