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4 Great Tips To Keep Your Garden Secure

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Making sure that your rear garden offers the right levels of security is extremely important. That becomes even truer if your back garden backs out onto a public area, such as an alleyway or a field. Most gardens are a weak point when it comes to domestic security. One of the main reasons for this is that this area is so easily accessible compared to the rest of the property, but another is that homeowners rarely consider their garden’s security.

Garden security measures are only introduced, for many properties, after there has been an intrusion of some kind. By then, it is often too late to prevent theft. There is a range of different features which you can introduce to keep your garden secure. This could range from sturdy timber fence posts to anti-climb paint and more.

Identifying Weak Spots In Your Garden’s Security

The first step to improving your garden’s security is to check for weak points that might allow easy entry. Unfortunately, if your property does back onto a public area, there are sometimes features that you cannot change to protect your property. However, if you look out for the following weak spots, you can actively work to improve your home’s security. These weaknesses include:

  • A Weak Door or Lock.
  • Loose or Missing Fence Panels.
  • Low Fencing.
  • Loose or Weak Timber Fence Posts.
  • Climbing Areas on the Exterior Side.

If your garden suffers from any of these problems, then it is likely that it is at risk of illegal access. Fortunately, answering these problems is likely to drastically reduce the likelihood of an opportunistic thief deciding to hop into your property.

4 Ways To Keep Your Garden Secure

1. Install Robust Fencing – Strong, tall fencing is one of the biggest deterrents out there when it comes to opportunistic thieves. If they can’t quickly get in or out of your property, then they are unlikely to risk attempting to steal anything. Both metal, cement and timber fence posts can offer real advantages when it comes to improving the strength of your garden fence.

2. Choose Fencing With Trellising – Although you might think the decorative trellising at the top of your garden fence is actually a handhold for thieves, it will rarely be able to support a human’s weight. As it can be easily seen through as well, it increases the chances of the intruder being spotted due to the trellis breaking, the sight of them climbing over it or the injury that it could potentially cause.

3. Using Multiple Locks – Gates and doors are often a weak point, but installing multiple locks, at various heights, can be a great way of denying easy access. With locks at the top, bottom and middle of the door, it can be impossible to silently open and even attempting to kick it open will often be fruitless.

4. Conduct Regular Maintenance – By keeping your gates well-maintained, you can prevent them from becoming weak and turning into simple access points for thieves. Loose panels in particular can be particularly inviting. If you need to, replace entire sections of your fencing, including timber fence posts, to make sure your security doesn’t become lax.

Choose Challenge Fencing For High-Quality Timber Fence Posts And Panels

At Challenge Fencing, we can provide a diverse range of timber fence posts and panels to ensure that your garden remains as secure as possible against all potential intruders. Our range includes a variety of decorative and wholly practical solutions, as well as a range of landscaping furniture and features which can make your garden truly unique.

For more information on our wide range of products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of garden design and security experts at your local Challenge Fencing branch or visit us online at Challenge Fencing.

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