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Which Fencing Is Best For Me?

Featheredge Fencing With Top Rail

Garden fencing is extremely important for homeowners across the country. Whether you’re concerned about wild animals getting at your crops, or nosy neighbours keeping an eye on you, the best fencing panels can really help to keep your space private and ensure that you are comfortable in your outdoor space.

Fences, and even thick hedges, are the best way for us to protect our property from the rest of the world and the adverse effects of the weather. It is extremely important that we choose the right kind of fencing from the start; otherwise, we might need to completely re-imagine our garden when we replace our ineffective fencing.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fence Panel Available?

If used correctly, your fence panels can be more than just a security and privacy feature; they can also offer a range of aesthetic benefits. Great fencing panels, which have been well looked after, can provide a distinct frame around your garden and allow you to really make the most out of your available space with fantastic garden features and more.

But it can be difficult to decide on which kind of fence panel is the ideal choice for you when there are so many around! Aside from thick hedging and other greenery, there is a range of wooden fence options out there, including:

  • Featheredge;
  • Continental;
  • Palisade Panels;
  • Wattle & Weave Designs;
  • Overlapping Fencing Panels;

Which Is The Best Type Of Fencing Panel For Me?

Each type of fencing panel offers different advantages and disadvantages, making them suitable for different gardens and, particularly, different environments. However, it is also important that you balance complete practicality with your own aesthetic preferences.

  • Featheredge designs are one of the most common, and robust, forms of garden framing available. Capped and framed to provide the highest levels of strength and rigidity, these designs are often the best option for external and boundary fencing. They are also available in a range of different colours and sizes to ensure that you can enjoy the ideal design for your outdoor space.
  • Continental fence panels are often arched at the top and are far more decorative than traditional forms of fencing. When you choose these kinds of fencing designs from Challenge, they have been treated with light green preservatives to protect the timber from infestation, fungal decay and rot.
  • Otherwise known as Hit & Miss panelling, Palisade fence panels are available in several designs. Although they are great for aesthetics in a range of different environments, their hit and miss design offers little in the way of protection or privacy. For that reason, they are most commonly used to define borders in front gardens, rather than as main fencing options in rear gardens.
  • Wattle and Weave fencing panels are both distinctive kinds of panel design which offer excellent wind resistance and can be easily installed. They are also useful as interior garden breaks to hide certain components, such as compost piles or bins.
  • Overlapping fence panels are extremely popular and are also one of the strongest kinds of garden framing available. They are weather-resistant and offer high levels of both privacy and security.

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Here at Challenge, we are proud to offer a diverse range of fencing options for customers. For more information on the diverse range of high-quality fencing that we are able to provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local branch of Challenge Fencing or, alternatively, contact us with our online contact form at challengefencing.com

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