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6 Tips For A Strong Garden Fence!

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Maintaining your garden fence is an extremely important job. It is your main line of outdoor security against potential intruders. They can also offer great protection against the effects of the weather, such as powerful winds. Do you have a strong Garden Fence?

Ensuring that you maintain your individual panels and timber fence posts is extremely important to combat these adverse conditions. More than one homeowner has woken up after a night of strong winds to find their fence has fallen over and crushed their favourite flowerbed or, in extreme circumstances, that some of their panels have vanished into their neighbours’ garden!

Tips For Maintaining Your Garden Fence!

As a general rule, the better you look after your fence, the longer it will last. When it comes to protecting the panels themselves, this often involves minimal repair work. In strong winds, many panels are likely to break or split, but these can be easily glued together again if the wood has had time to dry out. If the panel would take a lot of renovation, it is often just a better option to replace it with the same (or similar) design.

It is also important that all of your wooden panels are protected from the elements by making the most of wood oils and preservers. If you live in a particularly rainy part of the country, it can often be a good idea to treat your wood with fence stain, which can also deliver a hint of colour without losing the natural appearance of the base material.

Re-treating the wood in question every couple of years can really help to prevent long-lasting damage to your fencing and create a fantastic level of protection against the element.

Maintain Your Fence Posts For Strong Garden Fencing!

Timber fence posts, as they often take the brunt of the weather’s impact on your garden fencing, are usually the first component to give in to rot. There is a range of great ways that you need to use in order to ensure that your posts continue to offer long-lasting service.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your fencing lasts as long as possible is simply to ensure that it is installed correctly in the first place. A solid foundation is a key to structural integrity when it comes to garden fencing.

If you’re looking to maximise the lifetime of your posts, make sure that you follow these great tips!

1. Use The Best Timber Posts – Instead of lightweight, weak posts choose stronger timber alternatives which are more likely to last longer.
2. Preserve Before Installation! – Before installing your posts, remember to soak the ends with wood preservative for at least 24 hours. You need to ensure that you can treat the rest of the post with 2 coats of the preservative as well.
3. Wood Or Decking Oils – After the preservative has dried, you can even soak and apply a coat of wood or decking oils to provide added protection.
4. Pack The Post In – After your post has been fitted into the hole, remember to surround the base with gravel to allow drainage and prevent rotting. After filling the remainder of the hole with gravel, you should add concrete to hold the post in place and create a smooth, level fencing area.

If you can, raise the concrete from the soil level and slope it away from the post to allow water to run away from the fencing.

5. Seal The Post – Using caulk designed for adverse weather conditions, make sure that the post is completely sealed within the cement. If there isn’t a space to apply the caulk, wait a few days or weeks before applying, as the constant effects of the weather will cause the post to shift and most likely cause limited damage to the concrete internal edge.
6. Maintain! – Whenever you repaint or recoat your panels, apply the same treatment to your timber fence posts as well – the treatment will provide the same levels of weather protection to your posts as it does to panels!

For The Very Best Timber Fence Posts And Panels Choose Challenge Fencing Today!

Here at Challenge Fencing, we are able to provide high-quality, weather-resistance timber fence posts for a range of garden fences. We offer only the very best products to our customers to ensure that they can maintain a strong and weather-resilient garden fence.

For more information, get in touch with your local brand of Challenge Fencing. Alternatively, you can email any questions, using our handy online contact form.

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