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5 Tips To Prepare For A New Fence

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If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about installing a new fence. Perhaps you’re replacing an old one that’s not in the best condition. While putting in a new fence can seem like a daunting project, it needn’t be with a little preparation and know-how. Using robust and long-lasting fence posts and these simple tips, anyone has the ability to carry out a successful project! Have a read and make your garden beautiful with quality fencing.

Preparing Your Garden For New Fencing

It’s worth bearing in mind that with the right preparation, your project will be more likely to run to schedule, so remember to triple check you’ve got everything in order before you begin your fence installation; the smallest error can set you back considerably! Whether you’re erecting a rustic-looking fence with peeled split stakes to restrict livestock from roaming onto a public road, or love the look of continental style panels for your garden, we’ve a great range of fencing supplies here at Challenge Fencing.

Note: You might want to consider hiring a contractor if you’re not confident about the project or you’re unsure where you’re permitted to put in a new fence. Each of our branches has a list of recommended installers to talk to.

1. Mark it out – It’s too easy to make a mistake without visible markings, so use fencing stakes and string lines to determine where your fence will go.

2. Be careful – Before you begin installing your fencing stakes, make sure you check that no utilities elements are beneath where you plan to excavate.

3. Which contractor to choose? – If you do decide to hire a contractor, don’t just go with the one who charges the lowest price. Chances are he’s not too experienced and will do a shabby job, and the last thing you want is for your fence to fall down or cause problems at a later date! To avoid this situation, do the appropriate research beforehand and find out how much experience the contractor in question has.

4. Inform your neighbours – Depending on how large your project is, a fence installation can take some time (and can be disruptive); neighbours – especially those who you’ll share your fence with – will appreciate you taking the time to inform them of any work being carried out.

5. Removing an existing fence – If you’re replacing an old or damaged fence and are wondering how best to dispose of it, you could use your local tip or find out if your council provides a pick-up service. Please bear in mind that some fence panels will have been treated with paint or varnish to make them more resilient to rot; while this has its benefits, the panels may not be recyclable because of this reason, and so not all councils will pick them up.

We sell a great range of quality and robust fencing here at Challenge Fencing. Take a look at our extensive range today, or get in touch with our helpful customer care team who’ll happily assist with your requirements. We have numerous branches across the south of England, so why not pop in for a chat?

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