4 Reasons To Use Railway Sleepers in Your Garden

4 Reasons To Use Railway Sleepers in Your Garden!

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People are always on the lookout for new and unique ways to personalise their garden to create the natural environment of their dreams. If you’re thinking of adding something a little different to your outside space, why not consider railways sleepers? Whether you take advantage of newer models, or you prefer the rustic, worn design of reclaimed models, these great features can be a versatile part of any garden design.

Why Should You Use Railway Sleepers In Your Garden?

For many years, landscape gardeners and homeowners have all been taking advantage of the hard-wearing, reliable nature of sleepers to create completely unique features in a range of gardens. Today, there are so many options available for gardeners to create wholly unique spaces (you only need to look in a local garden centre before you feel overwhelmed), that you might be wondering why you need to use these reliable features!

  • They Are Versatile! – Thanks to their hardy nature, they can find a home in your garden as any one of a thousand different things. In the past, sleepers have been used to retain exterior fencing, raise flowerbeds and define boundaries between various parts of your design. They have also been used to create natural steps in a garden or turn uneven ground into a more even, staggered design. In the past, we’ve seen them used as unique pathways through a garden as well, and can create fantastic walkways.
  • They Are Unique! – No other kind of wood can match the distinct appearance of a sleeper. Their natural and simple appearance means that they can fit into any kind of outdoor space, whether a traditional cottage environment or a suburban family home. If you choose to make the most of creosote-treated, reclaimed sleepers then you can enjoy a garden feature with a long and distinct history that is visible in every mark that the wood has obtained over the long years.
  • They Are Hard-Wearing – As they are designed to deal with even the most adverse weather conditions and not lose their strength, they can provide a long-lasting service in your environment with splitting or breaking apart. Newer models which haven’t been treated with creosote tend to last in excess of 10-15 years, whilst older, reclaimed models will often last for more than 40-50 years.
  • They Are Eco-Friendly – If you choose to make the most of previously used models, then you are actively recycling! If you’re using this wood in your garden design, you are saving it from being destroyed and wasted. Thanks to their completely natural state, they will age over time and only help to create a more distinct and natural aesthetic.

Include Reliable, Unique Railway Sleepers In Your Garden Design Today!

One thing to bear in mind, if you choose to use these sleepers for a set of steps, is that they can often become slippery when wet. In that case, it is best to attach narrow chicken wire, or cut notches into the wood, to improve your grip when moving across them and prevent possible accidents.

For more information on the best ways to include railway sleepers in your outdoor space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Challenge Fencing branch today or, alternatively, you can use our online contact form to contact our HQ team directly!

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